Troy Solomon, aka ABearNamedTroy, has quickly become one of the most recognizable male plus-size recording artists and influencers on Instagram.

Troy has used his platform to promote inclusivity, body-positivity, and creative expression to his 50,000+ followers. Known for his eclectic, gender-bending style, vibrant personality and positive demeanor, Troy has been featured in articles by Teen Vogue, Paper Magazine,  RevelistMic.comGreatistRefinery29 UKRefinery29Allure.

Troy shook the world with his debut single, “Thicck”, a high-energy, cheeky anthem devoted to “thicck” bodies everywhere.  

“West Hollywood-based @ABearNamedTroy releases his first-ever video for his first-ever single, "Thicck" — and it's absolutely radiating with high-gloss camp, and contagious self-confidence that you'd expect from the Instagram powerhouse. Horns and deep beat herald an unequivocal fierceness while Solomon proclaims, "I'm thicck and you wanna fuck with me, I know." Hot-pink claws, glittery lips, butterflies, honey-drenched and candy-coated cake, bright banana-colored boots (plus actual bananas) are all involved in Solomon's delivery of a self-love declaration — one with a zero tolerance policy for any hateful challengers.” - Paper Magazine